Easter at South Melbourne Market

    Published 25 February 2024
    The Market has everything you need for your Easter celebrations!

    Easter is such a great time to indulge and spend time with loved ones!

    Whether it’s chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, fresh seafood or DIY cheese platters, the Market has so many choices and fresh quality produce that you'll be spoilt for choice this Easter.

    The Market will be open on Thursday 28 March to give you time to load up on your Easter goodies. Please note the Market will be closed on Good Friday (29 March) for the Public Holiday.

    There will be free face painting for the kids on Saturday, 30 March and the Easter Bunny will be hopping in for a visit to help out with the Market's very own Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, 31 March and helping to raise money for The Good Friday Appeal. 

    Read on to find out about some of the special offerings from our traders this Easter.

    Brioche Hot Cross Buns from Agathé Pâtisserie


    Easter certainly wouldn't be Easter without a delicious indulgent hot cross bun. The Market is home to some beautiful offerings of this holiday staple. Eat fresh or lightly toasted with lashings of butter. Yum!

    Agathé Pâtisserie - Aisle B, Stall 63

    This famous French bakery is serving up both classic and chocolate hot cross buns filled with milk, white and dark chocolate chips and cranberries. Don't miss out on their special pecan, date and coffee flavour, too! Then there's a beautiful flakey, hot cross bun inspired croissant using croissant dough, almond sultanas orange citrus paste & hot cross bun spices.

    Cannoleria - Aisle B, Stall 72

    In collaboration with Cobb Lane Bakery, Cannoleria are launching a delicious Hot Cross Bun Cannoli. Available from Thursday 28 March while stocks last. Get in quick, these won't last long!

    Cobb Lane - Coventry Street, Stall 42

    Along with their classic hot cross buns this Coventry Street baker is also serving seriously delicious chocolate cherry versions - yum! 

    Gewürzhaus - Food Hall, Stall 3

    The perfect accompaniment to hot cross buns, the Easter Bun Tea from Gewürzhaus is only available in the lead up to Easter each year. 

    Moses and Co - West Aisle, Stall 26

    Moses and Co have gluten free and dairy free versions of this Easter staple.

    plus visit Fritz Gelato in the Market Food Hall for their limited edition hot cross bun ice-cream. A delicious blend of organic milk with sweet spiced buns full of currents, raisins and cinnamon - yum!

    Cobb Lane has two types of Hot Cross Buns available this year, the classic and a chocolate and sour cherry version! Don't forget to grab a delicious Hot Cross Bun Cannoli from Cannoleria. A match made in heaven! 

    Easter Bun Tea from Gewürzhaus

    Delicious hot cross bun ice-cream from Fritz Gelato.


    Clare’s Bears & Wares Aisle F, Stall 139

    There's plenty of beautiful choices when it comes to stuffed animals are this iconic stall. But if you're specifically looking for a bunny rabbit to become a new friend you're in for a treat!

    Create TBT- Centre Aisle, Stall 169

    Filled to the brim with childhood treasures, Create TBT has toys and games for the little ones (and adults, too!). 

    Spotty Dot - Aisle B, Stall 61

    Over 100 gorgeous chocolate free Easter items ranging from decorations & tins, activities, plush bunnies, soft toys, heirloom rabbits, wooden toys, gorgeous ornaments & baby themed rattles + teethers. 

    The sweetest egg and dino puzzle from Spotty Dot

    Ready to eat Lobster, Crayfish Tails, Prawns and Morton Bay Bugs

    Beautiful fresh seafood ready to be devoured 


    There's nothing quite like feasting on locally caught prawns, lobsters, bugs and shellfish as an entree while your roast is in the oven. Keep it simple with freshly cooked seafood or get creative and whip up a festive dish for your guests - no matter what's on your menu our fish mongers will have the freshest produce that your heart desires.

    Aptus - Deli Aisle, Stall 25

    South Melbourne Seafoods - Deli Aisle, Stall 4

    Gem Pier Seafood - Deli Aisle, Stall 31


    There's something about the ritual of slicing into a piece of well-cooked meat while your loved ones salivate that is synonymous with holidays. 

    Our butchers have pre-marinated products ready for the oven as well as whole spit lambs for Orthodox Easter, award-winning ham, along with other show-stopping centrepieces!

    Hagen's Organic Butchers - Food Hall, Stall 1

    Flinders + Co - Deli Aisle, Stall 12

    Kirkpatrick's Meats - Deli Aisle, Stall 10

    Ralph's Meat Company - Deli Aisle, Stall 8

    Hagen's Organic Butchers delicious, easy to carve lamb leg

    You're spoilt for choice for cheese at the Market


    Let's face it, a long weekend calls for relaxing with good company, a beverage in hand and the ultimate food spread. There's nothing better than when you're entertaining than whipping up a platter of gourmet cheeses, cured meats and accompaniments. Our top Easter tip? Add some cute mini Easter eggs to the mix for that festive feeling!

    Emerald Deli - Deli Aisle, Stall 22, check out the cheese room! 

    K-SEIN Fromagerie - Deli Aisle, Stall 30, hand made artisanal cheese

    Pickadeli - Food Hall, S4, local and international gourmet foods

    Theo's Deli - Deli Aisle 14, stilton, raclette, gruyere and manchego

    Vangeli's Deli - Deli Aisle, Stall 7, Deli meat cut fresh


    Moses and Co. Market Wholefoods - West Aisle, Stall 26
    Banjo carob bears and vegan Pana eggs (almond, mylk or salted caramel) 

    Rita's Coffee and Nuts - Deli Aisle, Stall 18
    Chocolate perfect for Easter egg hunting plus Italian Easter cakes. 

    Sweets on South - Aisle C, Stall 205
    A wide range of Easter chocolate and sweets from around the world.

    The South Melbourne Market Grocer - Coventry Street, Stall 43
    A huge range of eggs and sweets at great prices. 

    My Cookie Factory - Aisle D, Stall 170
    The cutest Easter themed cookies!

    Easter themed cookies from My Cookie Factory!

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