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Educational toys and games for kids big and small

A trip to the Market isn’t complete without a visit to Create TBT. Owner Greg knows that when it comes to toys and games, everyone's a kid at heart. Specialising in educational toys that can help children learn about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) along with wooden toys, Kewpie dolls, die-cast model cars and much, much more, this magical little shop is filled to the brim with childhood treasures.

Bigger kids and adults can also let their imaginations run wild with a great range of board games, retro games, outdoor activities and jigsaw puzzles.

Phone: 0433 604 887


Stall Number
Centre Aisle
The image portrays Greg from Create TBT in a black shirt, standing in an aisle of a store surrounded by various toys and educational items on shelves. Greg has his arms crossed. The shelves are filled with colorful boxes, packages, and products, including globes, games, and learning materials. The setting suggests a retail store specialising in children’s toys and educational items, with artificial lighting highlighting the products.

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