South Melbourne Market is owned and operated by the City of Port Phillip and managed by a Special Advisory Committee of the Port Phillip Council under the Local Government Act. Click here to read more about the Market's Committee.


South Melbourne Market, the Quintessential Village Market. A prosperous, authentic destination that is home to fresh, artisanal and cultural products; creative and joyful experiences; celebrates local; is a leader in sustainability; is loved, trusted and connects our customers and community.


The South Melbourne Market will achieve our Vision by:

  1. Being a trusted destination for quality, value, fresh and extensive offer
  2. Being a safe, accessible and inclusive market for the whole community
  3. Embracing and curating all that is local, artisanal, emerging, cultural and creative
  4. Remaining a loved, happy, quirky and experiential destination – full of moments of surprise and wonder – Continuing to be environmentally and economically sustainable – a financially secure urban experience, living and breathing green
  5. Being accessible – physically and online

City of Port Phillip Council Plan

The Market is aligned to the Council's 2021-31 strategic plan that details five strategic directions:

  • Inclusive: A City that is a place for all members of our community, where people feel supported and comfortable being themselves and expressing their identities.
  • Liveable: A City that is a great place to live, where our community has access to high quality public spaces, development and growth are well-managed, and it is safer and easy to connect and travel within.
  • Sustainable: A City that has a sustainable future, where our environmentally aware and active community benefits from living in a bayside city that is greener, cooler, cleaner and climate resilient.
  • Vibrant: A City that has a flourishing economy, where our community and local businesses thrive, and we maintain and enhance our reputation as one of Melbourne’s cultural and creative hubs.
  • Well-Governed: A City that is a leading local government authority, where our community and our organisation are in a better place as a result of our collective efforts.

Our Performance 2023-24

Quarterly Report Q3 2023-24

Quarterly Report Q2 2023-24

Quarterly Report Q1 2023-24

Annual Report 2022-23

The South Melbourne Market 2022-23 Annual Report was endorsed by the City of Port Phillip in October 2023.

Strategic Plan 2021-25 Summary

The South Melbourne Market Strategic Plan 2021-25 was endorsed by the City of Port Phillip in June 2021.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2023-27

The Market's first Environmental Sustainability Strategy was launched in 2023.

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