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Theo's Deli - Reducing Energy use

Published 3 May 2024

A family-owned and operated business, Theo's has been offering gourmet fine foods for over 30 years.

One of the recipients of the Market's 2023 Early Adopter Sustainability Grant, Theo's Deli, has taken a step towards a more sustainable future by upgrading their refrigeration system.

South Melbourne Market's Early Adopter Sustainability Grant Program is an action of the Market’s first Environmental Sustainability Strategy. The strategy has been developed in collaboration with the Market’s traders, cleaning and waste management contractors, the South Melbourne Market Committee and the City of Port Phillip Council, with the draft strategy having also been shared with our customers and community for feedback and input.

Theo's Deli applied for the grant to enable them to make upgrades to their infrastructure to reduce energy usage and future-proof their systems to ensure environmental sustainability into the future.

Unlike a good parmigiano reggiano , refrigeration systems do not age well. After many years of use, Theo’s Deli’s fridges were old and inefficient, emitting unnecessary carbon emissions into our atmosphere.

Theo’s used their Early Adopter Sustainability Grant to upgrade their corroded refrigerator coils and drip trays with a new system that is expected to halve their energy use.

Theo's Deli refrigeration upgrade.

Since the project’s completion in February 2024, Theo’s has seen a reduction in not only energy use but also food waste – the improved system reduces spoilage by keeping products at an ideal temperature and humidity level and provides the ideal environment for their artisanal produce.

Theo's Deli is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and can be found in the Deli Aisle.

We'll be sharing the journeys of the other grant recipients including Luna & Soul and Tea Drop, so stay tuned! 

The grant program is running again this year thanks to support from the City of Port Phillip. The Market encourages our customers to get behind our traders and share ideas and advice for initiatives and innovations that will help create a more sustainable future for both their businesses, the Market and our local community.

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