Leftover ham? Yes, ma'am!

    Published 26 December 2023
    So, you've got some leftover ham hanging out in your fridge, and you're wondering how to give it a new lease on life. From brunch delights to savory dinner options, here are some simple and delicious ideas that will transform your ham leftovers into something extraordinary.

    French flair with a Croque Madame

    Elevate your toastie game with the ultimate ham sandwich:

    Take that ham and sandwich it between slices of bread with a generous slather of Dijon mustard and plenty of grated gruyere. Dunk the whole creation in beaten eggs and give it a golden pan-fry. Crown it with a fried egg and extra Gruyere – voilà! You've got a Croque Madame fit for a Parisian brunch.

    Rice revamp: Ham and prawn fried rice

    In a pot pan scramble a couple of eggs, set aside. Heat up a pan and toss in diced ham, vegetables and either raw or leftover prawns. Stir in day-old rice, soy sauce, and a dash of sesame oil for a flavorful fried rice feast. Top with coriander and chilli oil, if desired. 

    Left over ham and prawn fried rice

    Ham croquettes are the perfect bite!

    Eggs done right: Scramble away

    Dice up that leftover ham and toss it into a pan with scrambled eggs. Add a handful of shredded cheddar and season with salt and pepper to taste. Top it off with fresh chives, serve alongside buttered toast and there you have it – a hearty breakfast or brunch masterpiece.

    Crispy Crunch: Pea and Ham Croquettes

    Combine finely chopped ham with mashed potatoes (or leftover roast potatoes) and grated cheese. Shape them into croquettes, lightly coat them in seasoned flour, egg wash then panko crumbs. Fry until crispy and golden and serve alongside your favourite dipping sauce! 

    You'll find the best gruyere at our delis!


    Pizza party - homemade ham pizza!

    Roll out that pizza dough (or use a premade base) and slather on some sauce. Top it with shredded mozzarella, your leftover sliced ham and thinly sliced mushrooms. Substitute mushrooms for pineapple if you're that way inclined (we won't judge!) Pop it in the oven until the crust is golden and the cheese is melted – homemade pizza magic.

    There's plenty of pre-made gourmet pizza bases available at our Deli's!

    Frittata Fancy

    There's no better way to use up leftover ham AND vegetables than a gorgeous frittata!

    Chop up that ham and add a handful of your choice of cheese into a baking tray. Whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper, and fold in the ham, cheese and any leftover vegetables you have. Bake until golden brown and set, then sprinkle with fresh herbs for an elegant and tasty brunch option.

    Homemade ham and mushroom pizza

    Don't let that leftover ham languish in the depths of your refrigerator! These six ideas are here to help you turn those remnants into culinary wonders. So, roll up your sleeves, get into the kitchen, and enjoy the delightful journey of reinventing your ham leftovers into something truly special. Bon appétit!

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