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International Women's Day - Grace McMahon

Published 20 February 2024

Grace McMahon emphasises her mother's belief that nature provides everything necessary for human survival.

“My mother always told me that everything we need to survive as a species on this planet is already provided for us, whether it is food, clothing or medicine. It’s already here. Otherwise, why would we have been put here?”

So says Grace McMahon, a stalwart for environmental sustainability at South Melbourne Market’s The Soap Shop for the last 20 years. Grace has been providing her amazing array of soaps made from pure plant and essential oils, plus premium bulk cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom that are not harmful to you or the earth. BYO containers are encouraged.

“My mum grew every herb under the sun. Growing up my sister and I never went to the doctor's. If we had a tummy ache or didn't feel well, it was straight to the garden to collect and brew a tea with some of the herbs.

It was terrible tasting, but it worked. Because of that when I came here 20 odd years ago, I just wanted no chemicals. I wanted people to get back to basics and to understand the importance of just having something natural with no chemicals, just like my mother said.

That's why it was important for me to have not just locally made, but chemical free locally made products where you can bring your bottle for recycling.”

Grace offers a diverse range of chemical-free soaps and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Grace encourages customers to bring their containers for recycling, aligning with her commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Grace provides an important service for her returning customers; she has a deep affinity with her regulars and provides advice on the best products to use for various skin conditions. Her regulars are often more than just customers and become friends with Grace attending key life events from birthdays, weddings, and christenings.

Grace can be found at The Soap Shop in Aisle G of South Melbourne Market.

Grace can be found at The Soap Shop in Aisle G of South Melbourne Market.

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