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SMM Launches Its First Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Published 19 June 2023
We’re leading a transformation of the environmental impact of your Market; for our traders, our shoppers, our community, our planet.

South Melbourne Market has made significant changes to reduce the environmental impact of our operation over the years, including the implementation of recycling initiatives and partnerships to reduce our contribution to landfill, the installation of solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations and the ban on plastic shopping bags and plastic straws before the Government mandates. To continue being a leader in environmental sustainability, we are proud to share our 2023-27 Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the first strategy of its kind for the business which will set us on the path to achieve the best environmental outcomes for our traders, shoppers and local community, both now and into the future.

Click here to view the 2023-27 SMM Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Developed through extensive consultation with Market traders, our cleaning and waste management contractors, the South Melbourne Market Committee, the City of Port Phillip and Market community, the strategy outlines a range of actions focused on reducing waste, transitioning to zero carbon energy and reducing water usage and impact on waterways.

The strategy identifies 40 actions that outline how the Market will respond to our three priority areas, with work well underway to deliver these actions, including the recent Early Adopter Sustainability Grant program offered to Market traders and the upcoming ban on single-use plastic produce and net bags from our fruit & veg stalls.

The Market is incredibly passionate about sustainability and excited about the challenges and opportunities we have set for ourselves over the next five years, but we cannot do it alone. Our partners are integral to our success and working together we will achieve better outcomes for everyone involved. We'll be working with our traders, suppliers and contractors to deliver many of the initiatives in the strategy, and are also calling on you, our Market community, to support us on this journey to deliver a more sustainable Market for all.

Click here to visit the Market's Environmental Sustainability web page for more information.

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