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Fresh Spring Produce

Published 5 September 2023
Fresh Spring Vegetables

Buying your fresh foods when they are in season can help save you money and help to support Australian farmers.

There's an abundance of fresh seasonal produce on offer at the Market.

After a long and cold winter, spring is always eagerly anticipated. Now that it has finally arrived, there's an abundance of fresh seasonal produce on offer at the Market. Buying fresh foods when they are in season can help save you money and help to support Australian farmers.

Now is also the time of the year when spring lamb is at its best. Whether it is chops for the BBQ, racks to be roasted, snags for Grand Final Day or a slow-roasted shoulder for a rainy day, you can’t go wrong. 

Spring Lamb

Spring lamb is in season and our butchers have top-grade fresh produce.  Lamb is available with racks, mid-loin chops and legs. There are also cutlets, sausages, kebabs, marinated backstraps and boneless shoulders.

Our butchers are located in the Deli Aisle and the Food Hall. 

Try this recipe for a Roast Lamb Rump with Tuscan Roast Vegetables

Spring Lamb Chops

Kirkpatrick's Meats mid-loin lamb chops

Spring Seafood

Our three fishmongers sell high-quality and fresh seafood every Market day and can all be found in the Deli Aisle. 

  • Aptus Seafoods - sashimi grade tuna, shucked oysters and cooked crayfish.
  • Gem Pier Seafood - selling the fish and seafood that they catch themselves means they are in control of each step of the process ensuring quality and freshness.
  • South Melbourne Seafoods - source fish from sustainable fisheries.

Try this amazing seafood marinara recipe using delicious pasta from The Fresh Pasta Shop

Ready to eat Lobster, Crayfish Tails, Prawns and Morton Bay Bugs

The freshest seafood every Market day!

Spring Salads

Gado Gado - this Indonesian dish will get your taste buds salivating!

Poached Salmon Salad - quick and delicious!

Tabouleh - a great accompaniment for barbecue meat and leftovers can go in lunch wraps.

Vietnamese Prawn and Noodle Salad - with an easy dressing and only 7 fresh ingredients, this meal is quick to make.

This Poached Salmon Salad by John Casey is easy to make and extra delicious.

Rubs and Marinades

If you're looking for ideas for a quick mid-week meal, Gewürzhaus (Food Hall) have a special range of rubs and marinades including Australian Bush Herbs for fish or burgers, and Melbourne Coffee Meat Rub for mushrooms or steaks.

Scoop and jar of Australian Bush Herbs marinade from Gewurzhaus. 

Australian Bush Herbs marinade from Gewurzhaus

Spring Fruit and Vegetables

Selection of fresh spring fruit
Person holding a wooden box of fresh spring vegetables.

Our fruit and vegetable stalls have the freshest and best quality produce in stock now.

Prepare your weekly shop using the seasonal guide below:

Roxy and Scott from Rod's Fruit and Vegetables holding bags of produce.

Roxy and Scott from Rod's Fruit and Vegetables.

BananasKiwi fruitLimesPomegranate
Asian greensCabbagesLeekSilverbeet
BeansCarrotsOnionsSweet Potato
BeetrootFennelPeasSpring Onion

Flowers and Plants

The trees are starting to bud, the air is thick with the scent of blooming flowers and the sun is starting to set a little later. It’s also an exciting season for flowers, with so many gorgeous spring varieties popping up.

Our Market florists will help you steal the show in your arrangements and bouquets. 

Azalea Flowers - Coventry Street, Stall 49

Emerald Hill Florist - Centre Aisle, Stall 182

Zekiri Flowers - Aisle G, Stall 120B

Greener Corner - Aisle E, Stall 158

Terrarium Laboratory - Aisle B, Stall 67

A selection of spring flowers in bunches with prices.

Gorgeous spring flowers from our Market florists. 

Did You Know?

Indigenous weather knowledge identifies six seasons in the Nyoongar calendar for the southwest of Australia.

Djilba - First spring (August-September)Kambarang - Second spring (October-November)

Season of conception

Season of birth
Mixture of wet days with an increasing number of clear,
cold nights and pleasant warm days.
Longer dry periods

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