Georgie's Harvest

  • Fruit & Veg

Australia's only potato shop!

Supporting local farmers, seasonality and an extraordinary passion for food is what Georgie does best. You'll find:

  • potato varieties including:
    • Cecile
    • Viking
    • Russet Burbank
    • Virginia Rose
  • pumpkins with a taste you'll never forget:
    • Golden Nugget
    • Jap
    • Jarrahdale
    • Butternut
  • yams
  • log grown mushrooms,
  • fresh chilli
  • turmeric
  • wasabi
  • Australian garlic
  • local, handcrafted condiments.

Her customers are fiercely loyal and her produce is superb.

Website: Georgie's Harvest
Phone: 03 9696 2288
Mobile: 0400 802 676

Stall Number
Coventry Street

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