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Spring at the Market

Published 1 September 2021
Find out what fresh produce is now in season

After another hard winter of discontent with the virus-that-shall-not-be-named, there's a spring in our step as a new season and warmer weather are on the way. 

Spring is all about light, fresh dishes - try great this recipe for King Island chargrilled octopus legs from Ang at Aptus Seafoods or this special family salad recipe from Avihu at Deli Nuts for a stunning carrot, pecan and cranberry salad

Remember if you can't get to the Market, you can shop online for same day Melbourne delivery with SMM Direct


Our fishmongers all have an extensive variety of seafood available in store or online.  Ang from Aptus Seafood gave us the lowdown on the best seafood coming into season.

"At the moment we've got some nice local scallops from Tassie we're processing on the premises for $2 each. Beautiful cooked yabbies, which have just come out of hiding at $39.90. Lobsters are very cheap $79.90 and $89.90 which is never heard of as the export market is non-existent so for the local market that's great. Oysters from Coffin Bay, Bruny Island, St Helens are beautiful. Mussels are starting to fatten up now so they're nice and plump. In fresh scale fish we've got some beautiful Flathead that is reasonably priced, Swordfish, Marlin and Blue Fin Tuna, usually $60-$80 a kilo is $49.90. The sun's coming out and we'd like to see you down here!

Ang from Aptus Seafood 

Our three fishmongers are open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during lockdown and can all be found in the Deli Aisle. For those unable to make it to the Market, home delivery is available:

Aptus Seafoods - Shop online via SMM Direct (same-day, Melbourne delivery).

South Melbourne Seafoods - Shop online via SMM Direct (same-day, Melbourne delivery)

The Fish Shoppe - Shop online via Your Grocer.

Seafood Recipe:

An easy mid-week meal has to be this recipe for seafood marinara from our trader The Fresh Pasta Shop

Seafood Marinara is an easy and delicious mid-week meal


Spring lamb is in season and our butchers have top-grade fresh produce. Barry from Kirkpatrick's Meats said:

"New season lamb from the rich volcanic soils a the Parwan Valley is now available at Kitzpatrick's."

Kirkpatrick's Meats sell quality produce that is hormone-free, with lamb sourced from Fred Kirkpatrick's own farm. In store now are lamb, lemon & oregano sausages.

Hagen's Organic Butcher have lamb mince, loin roast, loin chops, shoulder, shanks, ribs, rack and shoulder on the bone. 

Ralph's Meats have marinated butterfly legs of lamb, cutlets, loin, mince, scotch roasts and shanks. Shop online via SMM Direct (same-day, Melbourne delivery).

Parwin Valley prime lamb available at Kirkpatricks

Tony's Meat Supply have lamb koftas, kebabs, sausages, Greek marinated backstraps, butterflied legs, tender fillets and boneless shoulder. 

Our butchers are all open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during lockdown. 

Lamb Recipe:

Try this great recipe with lamb shanks (pictured) from our trader Zarifa Hameed of Zarifa's Collection.

Zarifa's Qabili Palau

Fruit & Veg  - what's in season!

BananasKiwi fruitLimesPomegranate
Asian greensCabbagesLeekSilverbeet
BeansCarrotsOnionsSweet Potato
BeetrootFennelPeasSping Onion

If you can't get to the Market at this time, don't despair! The following Fruit & Veg traders offer online shopping and home delivery services: 

Salad Recipe:

Alex Meimetis of Koy Restaurant in the Market's Cecil Street restaurant precinct shared this fabulous Bulgar Pistachio Salad. You can source all the ingredients from our Market traders!

Bulgar Pistachio Salad by Koy Restaurant

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