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Ham & Turkey Christmas Guide

Published 26 November 2021
Our Market guide to the best buys for your signature dishes

If you don't want to 'Scrooge' this Christmas and plan on going Full Traditional, you can order the best quality produce from our experts at the Market. Choose from organic, free-range, smoked or glazed and you can even ask your butcher about the provenance of the animal and how it was farmed.

The Market has many sizes and cuts of ham to choose from plus a range of different types of turkey and duck. (If you need tips for storing, carving and serving we've included them below.)

Take some time to chat to your favourite traders who'll assist you with finding the best for your festive table.


It's not Christmas without a carved ham on the festive table. Our Deli traders have a range of delicious quality hams available. 

Hagen's Organic Butcher, Stall S1, Food Hall, Ph: 9686 4420

Sourced from McIvor Farm Foods, Hagen's hams offer a curated selection of ethical, sustainable and local produce. 

  • Whole ham on the bone (natural or traditional)
  • Half ham on the bone (natural or traditional)
  • Boneless ham (natural or traditional)
  • Truffle lamb ham (traditional) 

Visit Hagen's Butchers to find out from staff about pricing.

Kirkpatrick's Meats, Stall 10, Deli Aisle, Ph: 9699 2344

Raven's Creek Farm free range heritage breed hams $21.99/kg

Ralph's Meats, Stall 8, Deli Aisle, Ph: 9690 9947

  • Full Christmas ham off the bone $17.99/kg
  • 1/2 Christmas ham on the bone $18.99/kg
  • Boneless nugget leg hams $20.99/kg

Vincent's Meats, Stall 30, Deli Aisle, Ph: 0423 843 866

  • Organic shoulder & boneless ham $49.95/kg
  • Whole duck $24.90/kg

Emerald Deli, Stall 23, Deli Aisle, Ph: 9690 5783

  • Grandmother Ham $34.99/kg
  • Roast turkey breast $36.99/kg

Steve's Deli, Stall 14, Deli Aisle, Ph: 9110 0978 

  • Bertochi half hams $15.99-$29.99/kg
  • Turkey $25.00/kg
  • Nonna boneless ham $25.00/kg
  • Free range hams $30.00/kg

Theo's Deli, Stall 16, Deli Aisle, Phone: 9690 9470

  • Andrew’s Choice oven roasted turkey breast $45/kg
  • Andrew’s Choice boneless ham $35.99/kg
  • Andrew’s Choice ham on the bone $21.99/kg (1/2-full legs)
  • Andrew’s Choice semi-boneless $25.99/kg
  • San Marino traditional ham on the bone $19.99 (1/2-full legs)
  • San Marino traditional ham semi-boneless $24.99
  • Bertocchi boneless ham $14.99/kg
  • Bertocchi semi-boneless smoked ham $24.99/kg
  • Bertocchi ham on the bone $19.99 (1/2-full leg)
  • Praga hams $35.00/kg
  • Barkly’s Grandmother Ham $35.99 

If you don't want to ham it up, thyme for roast pork?

Turkey & Duck

Our poultry stalls are definitely not paltry when it comes to Christmas fowl. There's free range, whole birds with delicious stuffing or select cuts.

Emerald Hill Poultry, Stall 32, Deli Aisle, Ph: 0432 265497

  • Turkey breast fillet $28.90/kg
  • Turkey maryland $17.99/kg
  • Turkey buffet
  • Whole duck $12.99/kg

Dress up your birds

KL Poultry, Staff 27, Deli Aisle, Phone: 9690 3081

  • Whole turkey $16.95/kg
  • Turkey fillets $28.95/kg
  • Whole duck $13.50/kg
  • Duck legs $25.95/kg
  • Duck breasts $39.95/kg
  • Turkey buffet $17.95/kg
  • Turkey rolls $28.95/kg
  • Duck legs $25.95/kg
  • Duck breasts $39.95/kg

Stuffings: cranberry & chestnut, apricot & macadamia, sage & onion.

South Melbourne Poultry, Stall 28, Deli Aisle, Phone: 9699 2810

  • Turkey roll $28.95/kg
  • Free range whole turkey $17.95/kg
  • Turkey breast fillet $28.95/kg
  • Turkey buffet $18.95
  • Free range seasoned & stuffed netted rolls $28.95/kg
  • Free range turkey legs and leg fillets $$12.99/kg
  • Free range whole duck $13.99/kg 
  • Free range seasoned, stuffed & netted chicken rolls $17.95ea
  • Spatchcock $7.00ea
  • Quail $3.80ea 

Stuffings: spinach & pinenut, apricot & macadamia, cranberry & chesnut, sundried tomato & pistachio.

The Trimmings

All the top quality, local fresh produce you need for roast veggies and side dishes are available at our fruit and vegetable traders. Pumpkin, parsnip, sweet potato, beetroot, potatoes, button squash, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and celeriac are all in season. You can even buy chestnuts to roast!

Georgie's Harvest (Coventry Street) stock many varieties but recommend Maris potatoes for roasting. Georgie also makes her own ghee and has a great recipe to make the perfect roast potatoes.

Stock Merchant sauces, jus, cranberry sauce and premium pepper, seas and truffle salts are all stocked at our Deli's.

Ham Serving, storage and carving tips

Serving sizes:

  • 7-8kg serves up to 16 people
  • 8-9kg serves up to 18 people
  • 9-10kg serves up to 20 people
  • 10kg+ serves over 20 people

Storage tips (courtesy of San Marino Smallgoods):

  • Store in fridge at 4c or below.
  • Leave ham in plastic wrap until ready to use.
  • Discard plastic wrap prior to use.
  • After carving, store remainder of ham in damp ‘ham bag’ which has been lightly moistened in 75/25 water / white vinegar solution.
  • Refresh ‘ham bag’ with solution every 2-3 days to maximise shelf life.
  • Please ensure ham is refrigerated as soon as possible after carving.

Hagen's Organic half ham

Carving tips (courtesy of San Marino Smallgoods):

  • Place ham skin side up. Then run a small, sharp knife under the rind around the bottom (opposite end to hock) and each side of the ham to about halfway up towards the hock,peel the rind back.
  • Run the tip of the knife around the bone, on the underside of the ham. Begin to slice on a slight angle down to the bone.
  • Run your knife lengthways along the bone to remove slices. Continue to slice toward the hock.
  • Continue slicing down to the bone, working your way around the ham. When you’ve reached about a third to the way up, you can remove the bone by making a few short cuts at the joint.

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