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The Only' is an independent Melbourne based womenswear label.
With background in upcycling vintage clothing, ‘The Only’ designer Net C. is passionate about combining street style trends with retro charms.

From 60s geometric mod, 70s laid back bohemian through to edgy 90s grunge, ‘The Only’ draws inspiration from the distinctive shapes and detailing of the past and recreates it with a modern twist, seen through up-to-date classic designs with a signature touch of yesteryear.

Stall Number
SO:ME Space (27 March - 19 May)
SO:ME Space
The image features a person in the SO ME Space at South Melbourne Market, examining a blue jacket on a mannequin. The individual is wearing a checkered suit and the mannequin is dressed in a yellow dress beneath the jacket. Various clothing items are displayed in the background, along with store signs “The Only” and “OSARA.” The setting is lit with artificial lighting, typical of retail spaces

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