Thai Seafood Curry

  • Thai

  • Seafood

  • Mains


  • 250 g raw prawns
  • 200 g calamari rings
  • 350 g rockling or cod
  • 4 to 6 kaffir lime leaves
  • 1 brown onion
  • 100 g green beans
  • 200 g Thai red curry paste
  • 2 x 400 ml tins of coconut cream or coconut milk
  • sprigs of coriander to garnish


Prepare the fish by cutting into bite-sized pieces.

Peel and cut the onion into large chunks.

Trim the top and bottom off the beans and cut into 2 to 3 cm pieces.

Mix the Thai red curry paste, coconut cream or milk and kaffir lime leaves in a large casserole pot and bring it to the boil.

Add the onion and green beans and bring the sauce back to the boil then turn down the heat and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked

Add the fish and seafood and simmer gently for 3 to 5 minutes with the lid on the pot. After 3 to 5 minutes the fish and seafood will be cooked and your curry is ready to serve.

Garnish with sprigs of coriander and serve with steamed rice.

About Scott Merrick

Chef, Foodsmart Solutions

Scott qualified as a chef in England and travelled to Australia in 1994. His career took off in Melbourne at the Grand Hyatt, Crown Casino and The Westin. During this time he gained qualifications including certificates in Commercial and Asian Cookery, Patisserie and a Diploma in Hospitality Management. He also holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

For the past 12 years has worked as a qualified Culinary Trainer in Australia and South-East Asia. During his 25 year career in hospitality and education, Scott has worked with notable chefs including Gary Rhodes, Rick Stein, Antonio Carluccio and our local legend Stephanie Alexander.

He has recently created a popular Cookery Master Program. This is a comprehensive online program designed to teach people with little or no experience how to cook no fuss, simple dishes every day. His digital cookbook, Quick Easy Recipes – Discover Why Cooking is Easier Than You Think, is planned for release later this year.

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