Carrot, pecan and cranberry salad

  • Salad

  • Vegetarian

This salad is delicious and highly addictive. It is perfect for entertaining guests and success is promised. There is no doubt that your bowl will be empty by dinner's end. Serves 5.


60ml canola or sunflower oil

30ml vinegar

30g brown sugar (can be reduced to taste)

30g Dijon mustard

salt and pepper to taste

1-2 cloves garlic - grated


700 kg peeled carrots - shredded

25g chives - chopped

50g slow roasted pecan - broken to big pieces

50g dried cranberries - roughly chopped


In a big bowl mix all salad ingredients, mix dressing ingredients and pour on salad dressing before serving.

When I asked my mother for the recipe of this salad, her answer was as always: "Peel carrots, add cranberries, mustard and mix them all together." "Wait a minute", I said, "How much of each?" "So and So", she replied... Of course I could hand you recipes with "so and so" instead of quantities so that the next I came to visit we could make it together. We could take notes and know for certain how much of each ingredient is right. But the next time you ask for the recipe I will misplace the measurements, forget the ingredients." "Mum?" I would ask. "So and so", she would reply.


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Avihu Donde from Delinuts shares a special recipe from his mother
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