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World Chocolate Day - 7 July

Published 2 July 2021

On 7 July Atypic Chocolate are offering a mini jar (Caramelised White Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnut - 50g) - for every purchase above $20! 

Why we're so keen on this bean!

The main ingredient in chocolate, cocoa is said to trigger the brain to release endorphins, the “feel good” hormones. The darker the chocolate the more endorphins as the more milk and sugar added, the less pure cocoa content.

We think that explains why the food is so popular a world day was established to mark the arrival of cacao in Europe on 7 July, 1550.

To celebrate World Chocolate Day here at the Market on 7 July Atypic Chocolate (Aisle D) are offering a mini jar (Caramelised White Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnut - 50g) - for every purchase above $20 and Tea Drop (Deli Aisle) are offering free sampling of their Artisanal Drinking Chocolate. 

Whether you like your chocolate bitter and dark, or creamy and sweet, you're sure to find it at one of our specialty shops here at the Market.

Atypic Chocolate in Aisle D offers delicious handmade chocolate, desserts, treats, gifts and specialty chocolate items.

Their range of products include:

  • artisan chocolate in tablets and bars (dark and milk)
  • chocolate pannings (nuts and berries)
  • teddy bears
  • hot chocolate mix
  • spreads

You can even watch the chocolatiers making chocolate on site before you buy!

Atypic Chocolate makes chocolate right here at the Market!

Agathé Pâtisserie in Aisle B make a scrumptious chocolate cake with a sea salt crumble, choc chip and custard or almond chocolate croissants and a chocolate and pear tart. 

Canteen in the Food Hall stocks Zmousse a new vegan chocolate mousse with no added refined sugar. It's locally made from ingredients sourced right here at the Market: pumpkin, almond and cacao butter, cocoa powder, cardamon, rosewater, coconut cream and stevia salt. It's a smooth guilt-free indulgence. 

Emerald Deli in the Deli Aisle at the York Street end has plates piled high with chocolate brownies, chocolate truffles and hedgehog slices. 

Zmousse is an indulgent chocolatey dessert you can dive-into regularly without the guilt!

Flour Patisserie in Aisle G by the York Street entrance have eye catching sweet treats such as chocolate mousse cups, cup cakes, volcano chocolate mini cakes, brownies and slices. Their range of small and large cakes include flourless chocolate, chocolate and hazelnut baci, oreo and 'decadence'. 

Gewürzhaus in the Food Hall have blended the Feel Good Hot Chocolate from pure double Dutch cocoa, toasty Australian wattleseed, açaí berry, Victorian sea salt, cassia and unrefined low GI coconut sugar. 

Moses & Co in West Aisle have plenty of vegan chocolate and carob options including brands Alter Eco, Loving Earth, Montezumas, Pana, Pico and Vego.

La Lapa in Centre Aisle has nutella donuts, mini chocolate lava cakes, mini nutella chocolate tarts, chocolate caramel slice and macadamia nut chocolate brownies. 

Flour Patisserie has cakes petite and grande!

Pickadeli in the Food Hall has hand made wagon wheels, florentines, vegan dark chocolate cookies, Dulce de leche and Salted Caramel and chocolate gluten free brownies.

Pieno di Grazia in the Food Hall has Almond and chocolate cornettos, bombolini chocolate and pear, chocolate and ricotta tea cakes.

Ritas Coffee & Nuts in the Deli Aisle (York Street end) has a range of gourmet chocolate from Italy, try the 97% dark chocolate and hazelnut blocks, you wouldn't believe it's dark chocolate or gluten free. There's also chocolate almonds, aniseed rings, coffee beans, apricots, prunes, raspberries, coconut roughs, cranberries, goji berries, licorice bullets and pretzels available in milk or dark. 

Rita's Coffee & Nuts have gluten free Italian chocolate

South Melbourne Market Grocer on Coventy Street has a stock of Belgian chocolates, Green & Blacks, Nestle Black Magic and After Eight Mints, Kras chocolate fantasy box plus assorted Ritter 100g chocolate blocks under the counter. 

Sweets on South in Aisle C import quality sweets, chocolate and snacks from the UK, USA, New Zealand and Holland. You'll find Hershey bars, Wonka bars, Pink Lady individual chocolates (ginger, orange, caramel, raspberry and more), organic chocolate, sugar-free and other specialty products in store.

Tea Drop in the Deli Aisle invite you to indulge in a free sample of their  Artisanal Drinking Chocolate on 7 July. It's perfectly blended with the finest West African cocoa powder and raw Australian cane sugar for a melt-in-the-mouth drinking experience.

Sweets on South

On World Chocolate Day Tea Drop are giving away free samples of their Artisanal Drinking Chocolate to Market customers.

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