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Top 5 Desserts

Published 24 August 2021
Our Traders share their favourite lockdown desserts

As lockdown continues we say let us eat cake!

Here's five of our Trader's picks for delicious desserts you can make yourself at home to make at home meals extra special.

Gewürzhaus, in the Food Hall are the Market's spice merchants, have a twist on the classic pavlova, which is more in the style of a Swiss meringue. This Cardamom Pistachio Pavlova with Rose Cream, Kiwifruit and Mango feautres ingredients of spice mixes such as Rose Petal Powder and Cardamon Pistachio Sugar by Gewürzhaus, which makes it easier to make.

Inspired by Ottolenghi's pavlova in 'Sweet', this is a Swiss meringue style pavlova. Make sure you read tips and tricks on the Gewurzhaus blog before you start baking.

Gewürzhaus is open during lockdown on Market days and products are available to order online on SMM Direct.

Atypic Chocolate In Aisle D is the Market's bean-to-bar chocolaterie, crafting single-origin small-batch chocolate. 

Our beans are sourced from small farms in the Solomon Islands, Haiti, Brazil and Madagascar, and they experiment with many textures and unique flavours.

This recipe for a Dark Chocolate Mousse uses organic Haiti 70 per cent dark chocolate made in their chocolate factory, Atypic Chocolate.

Atypic Chocolate products are available to order online on SMM Direct.

Tea Drop in the Deli Aisle sources the world's most scrumptious tea leaves, fruits, herbs and spices and painstakingly blends over 100 flavours of tea. 

We have always sourced only seasonal and small-batch leaves and produce, so that the tea is in prime fresh condition for serving.

Their recipe for Honey Spice Sticky Chai Panna Cotta features their own special blend of chai.

Tea Drop is open during lockdown on Market Days and products are available to order online on SMM Direct

Pieno di Grazia in the Food Hall serves everything Italian. There are traditional Italian cakes in their dolceria, pastries in their pasticceria and they offer pizza a taglio (pizza by the slice).

We celebrate “the good life”, a lifetime of pleasures with simple luxuries through recipes, memories and traditions.

This sensational recipe for Tiramisu is from Nonna Grazia, the mother of owner Maria Capuano.

Pieno di Grazia is open during lockdown on Market Days or you can order products online.

Proper & Son in the Food Hall is a twist on a modern carvery serving up delicious roast meat rolls, fresh salads, breakfast and great coffee.

Being based in the fresh produce hub that is the South Melbourne Market, our menu is created using the using the best ingredients available.

This recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake is by Eugene Lavery, the owner and chef and is easy to make and tastes amazing. 

Proper & Son is open during lockdown on Market Days.

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