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    Summer fashion trends, tips and tricks

    Published 12 January 2024
    South Melbourne Market is your one-stop shop for your seasonal fashion fix.

    From bespoke couture to barefoot shoes, fabulous fabrics to amazing accessories, the Market’s Fashion and Accessories traders have all you need to fill up your summer wardrobe.

    We spoke to three of our fashionistas at the Market for their insight on what's hot this summer.

    Proudly designed and made in Melbourne, Alison from boutique fashion label Alison Dominy Designs knows how hard it can be to find classic attire for curvy physiques that take you from the office to the weekend. 

    What's on-trend this summer?

    Shirt dresses! They're so easy to throw on during the day over swimwear or dress up in the evening. They're also a great transitional piece to take you into Autumn - simply layer on top of your outfit and keep it unbuttoned for a sleek yet effortless look.

    Are there any colours that are super popular this season?

    Emerald green and pastel lilac! Both colours are gorgeous against tanned skin and are very on-trend. If you prefer a calmer palette, choose a neutral toned base outfit and pair it with colourful accessories that make the outfit pop, even if it's just earrings or a hat.

    Shirt dresses are such a versatile piece and Alison Dominy has a great range 

    What would be your choice of outfit for an evening summer soiree?

    A long kaftan made from Tencel is my top pick. I would clinch the waist with a stylish belt, or even a headscarf for a little "Sex and the City" moment. This is a great look to dress up or down. A nice simple piece to wear during the day with sandals and a wide-brimmed hat. Or layered with accessories and paired with a bag and strappy heels for the evening. 

    Attiq has curated a wonderful summer range for women

    Attiq from Attique's Ladies Clothing has been in the women's fashion industry for decades and you'll find plenty of bright and on-trend fashion pieces. 

    What are your top three fashion trends for this summer?

    Maxi dresses are a great option especially when they’re made from natural fabrics. Not only are they fashion statements, but keep you cool and protected from the sun. Alibaba pants are great for comfort and ours are tie-dyed in eye-catching bright colours. Pair with a simple tank top and some sandals for a simple summer go-to. But you can’t go past a classic linen dress. Accessorise with a wide-brimmed hat and your favourite handbag and you’ll instantly look the part in a Noosa summer fashion show.  

    What are your top tips for creating a fashionable wardrobe?

    It’s important to try clothes on to ensure they fit well. But it’s important to have a good range of basics and then add pops of colour. My picks for summer are red and blue. Choose colours that suit your skin tone and/or eye colour and pair with a neutral top or bottoms.

    Di from Traffic Footwear gives us her hot tips on how to incorporate colour into your summer wardrobe and what is the perfect style of footwear for that dreaded function that involves standing on grass. 

    What's the most popular style of footwear this summer?

    Believe it or not, comfort is in! You can find beautiful styles of shoes that are still elevated, that have arch support, meaning you don't need to skimp on style!

    How can someone easily incorporate colour into their shoe-wardrobe?

    Bright-coloured runners are an easy way to give your outfit a pop of colour. Work with a neutral outfit and try and incorporate the colour of your sneakers subtly elsewhere - think earrings, a belt or even nail polish! 

    What's a good style of shoe for a dressy summer party that requires standing on grass?

    If you have a block heel or a wedge, you'll be fine. Stilettoes are a big no-no! 

    Traffic Footwear has the ultimate range of summer shoes and sandals 

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