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New Opening: UGO Burrata Bar

Published 9 January 2024
Say "ciao" to Melbourne's only dedicated burrata bar!

In a rush, no problemo, you can also pick up Burrata to (U)go...

Hello, hi, good day, ciao. The Market is so excited to announce that Ugo Burrata Bar is officially open! Spearheaded by Italian Chef, Dario Di Clerico, this new hot spot, located at the York Street end of the Deli Aisle, is already gaining huge accolades.

Burrata is a decadent and creamy Italian cheese that has gained widespread popularity for its luxurious texture and rich flavour. Originating from the Apulia region in southern Italy, burrata has roots dating back to the early 20th century.

This artisanal cheese is a close relative of mozzarella, but its unique allure lies in its construction. Burrata is made by wrapping a soft, stringy mixture of fresh mozzarella curds and cream in a delicate pouch of mozzarella skin. The result is a luscious and indulgent centre that oozes when cut, creating a perfect contrast between the tender interior and the firm outer layer. 

The combination of its origins in traditional Italian craftsmanship and the irresistibly velvety consistency has propelled burrata to international fame.

The menu is a cheese-lover's dream with modern dishes all highlighting this Italian delicacy. For something morning-appropriate we suggest the bacon jam, avocado, sesame dressing, burrata and toast. Or try the bagel featuring heirloom tomato, Bippi chilli, burrata and Italian dressing.

When it's hot outside the 'Cocomero' number is a winner, featuring mortadella, juicy watermelon and pickled rind with a beautiful ball of burrata sitting atop. Or try their take on a Caprese salad - a fresh and lip-smacking take on the classic highlighting micro tomatoes, fresh peaches and basil.

'Mora' - green beans, fennel, buratta and blackberries

Ugo's focaccia sandwiches are set to impress!

While burrata is the main event here, you'll also find delicious focaccia sandwiches, featuring burrata of course albeit in a different form - yum!

There's a drool-worthy combination of house-made eggplant caponata, heirloom tomato, basil and... you guessed it, burrata. Or our top pick? The porchetta focaccia. Porchetta is rolled pork, and this is served warm with giardiniera (a classic Italian relish) and again, need we say, burrata. 

For the sweet tooth, they even have a dessert dish featuring this delectable cheese. Baba crumble, rum syrup and burrata are topped with shaved macadamia nuts for a beautiful texture balance.

We strongly suggest giving this new home to burrata a go, bringing some friends, sharing some dishes and falling in love with your new Italian lover. That's amore.

Located in the Deli Asile UGO Burrata Bar is open Wednesday, Friday Saturday and Sunday from 8am.

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