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Getting to Know Sneha Seth

Published 1 June 2022

Sneha Seth is the owner of ecological, expressive and expertly crafted, Annilla Jewellery

We asked the owner of Annilla Jewellery how she got started and what inspires her

What inspired you to set up your business?

I’ve always dreamed of running my own retail business, even as a little girl. In fact, I have a piece of schoolwork from second grade where the entire class was asked to name their dream job. In amongst all the karate experts and hairdressers was my entry which read: Businesswoman, retail (pictured right).

For my family, this was just further confirmation that I was a daddy’s girl. I was simply in awe of my father who, after starting with nothing, went on to become the largest importer of Indian garments in Europe, owning over 50+ women retail stores in South Africa. My dear dad passed when I was 9, but he remains my primary source of inspiration. His name was Anil and my business name, Annilla, is a tribute to him.

My interest in jewellery began back in New Delhi after I got my start working for an e-commerce designer website. By age 22 I had started selling online and exporting my own product lines.

In 2018 I arrived in Australia to complete my Masters in Commerce at the University of Sydney, by thus time I had established many contacts in the industry with whom I still do business.

How do you source all your materials?

As mentioned, many of the designers and suppliers I work with now are the same ones I worked with in India. I take great pride in maintaining the highest quality craftsmanship throughout my range. It has to be stylish, it has to be long-lasting and you must be able to wear it wherever life takes you!

Have you always worked in jewellery or did you have a different job?

I worked in hospitality while completing my masters, but outside of that, it's always been about working towards my own jewellery business.

Describe your products and how they are ethical and sustainable.

Annilla’s range consists of 18ct gold-plated, stainless steel jewellery pieces of the highest quality. The collection has been curated with the modern-day consumer in mind, offering designs that are stylish, on-trend and versatile. The stainless steel base is hypoallergenic and water resistant, while the gold-plating is of such quality that it will last with minimal maintenance and care.

We prides ourselves on being a brand that is eco-friendly. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet as it is easily melted down and can be reused. Steel shows no degradation with regards to performance from product to product. In fact, the majority of the steel is manufactured using previously recycled materials. For packaging materials, we use small microfiber pouches so that you are able to clean your product with the bag and also store it safely. Thus maintaining an efficient way to create zero waste.

Tell us why you chose the South Melbourne Market to sell your products?

Annilla’s brand personality and customer service ethos aligned perfectly with South Melbourne Market. We take great pride in having a local, small business mentality that drives our brand’s personality. Approachable, friendly and easy-going service; offering high quality, stylish products that appeal to a wide demographic. This is what South Melbourne Market is all about and why Annilla fits so well here.

Do you have a favourite recipe you can share with our readers?

Nigella’s ‘dreamy Turkish poached eggs’ is a recipe I found during lockdown and it has made many breakfasts enjoyable for me and now hopefully for you!


Find Annilla Jewellery in SO:ME Space open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am or visit them online at annilla.com.au.

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