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Getting to Know: Joanne Konstantinidis

Published 5 October 2021
Inside the Looking Glass

Joanne has traded at the Market since 1998

Of Inside The Looking Glass

Inside the Looking Glass showcases fun, bold collections of women's jewellery, fashion and accessories. The stall features a wide range of local Melbourne and Australian designers as well as house designed jewellery and illustrated clothing brand Toop Toop.

We caught up with owner and talented artist, Joanne, to hear about how the business came about and her incredible designs.


What inspired you to set up your business?

The business serves as a creative outlet for myself, and for those who experience it. Having first made jewellery just for myself it quickly began to appeal to a broader audience - interest expanded to selling at markets, showcasing in local Melbourne and UK boutique stores and finally opening my own Melbourne CBD shop in 2006. 

What year did you start trading at the Market?

I started at South Melbourne Market in 1998. I had a comrade selling Mexican sterling silver jewellery who recommended the Market to me. 

Did you have a different job before setting up your business?

My background is art design and painting/drawing. I completed a diploma in education amongst other educational programs and I was teaching for a while, but not for long. I have always loved putting together colours and textures, sculpting metals and creating pieces. It's just like ‘voila’, a wearable piece!

What makes your range unique?

It is mostly to do with personal selection. My product range is always shifting, so always a new surprise for the audience. I like to select unexpected products which are high quality, unique, attainable, ethically made and sourced and like to highlight local designers and Australian made.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time l like to garden, design/make jewellery, draw and I love walking my favourite streets of existing older homes all in one row. In my true spare time, I love mini holidays to Tassie, or European trips.

Do you have a favourite recipe we can share with our Market community?

My favourite recipes can take a whole day to prepare and make! I like to cook with clean, organic produce with no artificial additives. Something as simple as organic chicken or lamb, cleaned, dressed in salt, oil, rosemary and lemon sitting in large tray with some Dutch cream potatoes and Brussel sprouts added half way in the cooking time is such a simple and delicious dish. 

Joanne's Roast Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary recipe.


Inside the Looking Glass is located in Aisle B. During lockdown, you can support this wonderful small business by shopping online at insidethelookinglass.com.au

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