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Getting to Know Ejaz Ahamed

Published 23 July 2021
Lost In Seasons

Ejaz Ahamed has moved from an online only business and loves being able to interact with customers at the Market

One of the Market's favourite go-to shops for fashion and accessories has a new owner!

We took five with Ejaz Ahamed, the new owner of Lost In Seasons in SO:ME Space. The popular fashion and accessories stall is designed for Melbournians, who often face four seasons in one day!


What inspired you to take over Lost in Seasons?

I have always been fascinated by garment and footwear construction and design. The Rollie footwear label at Lost In Seasons is so beautifully made; I was attracted to the fine construction, materials used as well as the exciting colours. 

Are you making any changes to the product range? 

I am trying to keep the offering as similar as possible so it stays in keeping with such a successful, supported and well established stall in the SO:ME Space. I have continued to get some classic, timeless, hundred percent wool coats in reds, navy and lavender for a splash of colour. Raincoats are also something that were in the shop previously but I have continued to bring them in in different colours.

Did you have a different job before this business?

Yes, I have my own online fabric shop. It is completely online so I am really enjoying the interactive element added by the physical shop. 

What do you like about being in the SO:ME Space at the Market?

I love interacting with people and seeing the excitement on their faces when I am able to help them find a pair of shoes I can tell they really like. I enjoy being able to bring happiness to people with the products I am selling especially at the present time. I love the collective feeling in the SO:ME Space - it's almost like a feeling of friends or family. 

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love reading and spending time with my beloved cavoodle fur-baby Cookie and other animals.

Do you have a favourite recipe you can share with our customers?

My favourite recipe is Carrot Halwa Pudding. Its the perfect mix of something super healthy and a little bit naughty and indulgent.


Find Lost In Seasons in SO:ME Space, open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am. During lockdown, shop online at lostinseasons.com.


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