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Getting to Know Create the Best Toys (Create TBT)

Published 1 May 2024
The image portrays Greg from Create TBT in a black shirt, standing in an aisle of a store surrounded by various toys and educational items on shelves. Greg has his arms crossed. The shelves are filled with colorful boxes, packages, and products, including globes, games, and learning materials. The setting suggests a retail store specialising in children’s toys and educational items, with artificial lighting highlighting the products.
This month we caught up with Greg from Create TBT.

Create TBT have toys and games for all ages!

What inspired you to be part of South Melbourne Market? Tell us why you chose SMM to sell your products.

I have known Sharon (the previous owner of Create TBT) for a few years now. In September 2023, in casual conversation, Sharon asked my wife Cara and I if we would be interested in buying her business. We met up and had a detailed discussion about her stall and her thoughts on wanting to sell.  

At the time, I was in the retail industry, selling Mercedes-Benz cars, and  was looking for other opportunities in the retail space. I have always had a passion to sell and be a part of the retail sector. I love South Melbourne Market and thought that it would be an amazing opportunity to join the wonderful community here. The magical atmosphere and the vibe of the Market is really special and something I am so proud to be a part of. 

What is your background? Have you always sold children’s toys?

For the past fifteen years, I have been in some form of retail (automotive, and the building industry). This is the first time I have been involved with the toy industry, so it is very new to me, and I am constantly learning!

I started my working career as an apprentice baker and I was in the baking industry for twenty-odd years, which culminated in me owning my own Bakers Delight stores, so there has been some form of retail in my working career for a very long time. 

Greg and Cara offer a great range of imaginative and STREAM toys and games in their stall. 

Describe your business. What makes your products unique?

Our primary business is selling all sorts of toys, from educational, to the nostalgic.  We want to create an atmosphere full of fun, inquisitiveness, and creativity.  

The business is built on a strong foundation created by the previous owner but we have come in with fresh eyes and given it a cosmetic makeover. We want to provide customers with the choice of toys that you won't see in most traditional toy shops. The notion of offering 'STREAM' (Science, Technology, Robotics, Education, Arts, Mathematics) oriented toys is our main goal, but we also want to capture the imagination of the young at heart with a lot of quirky, but fun toys for all ages. 

Do you have any exciting plans for Create TBT?

Yes! We have already made some big changes to the look and feel of the stall: a fresh coat of paint, new signage and new display units. We will soon be installing bright light box signage on the Centre Aisle entrance which will display our new exciting logo. We'll be removing some of the shelving, which will give a feeling of openness within the stall and allow the products to really shine. 

We also plan on focusing on our online presence over the next couple of months. We want to extend our brand to allow customers to browse our products online before heading to the Market to make a purchase. 

A great range of beautifully hand-crafted toys available at Create TBT. 

What’s your Market ritual? Do you have a favourite go-to?

I'm a coffee addict, and I cannot resist my coffee pick-me-up every day.  We are spoilt for choice here at the Market, but my 'go-to' is La Lapa, Not only is it convenient for me (right next door!) but the coffee and donuts are second to none!

I also often bring Cara home a beautiful bunch of flowers from Emerald Hill Florist. They have a beautiful quality and range. 

Find Create TBT in Centre Aisle open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am.

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