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Getting To Know Ben From Greener Corner!

Published 14 July 2023
On the corner of the Centre Aisle and Aisle E you'll find an aptly named stall boasting plenty of lush greenery thanks to its new stall owner, Ben.

Have you always loved plants?

Yes! From a very young age I've always been fond of plants. But it wasn't until I met my wife that my love for them turned into a passion; she's a florist and taught me a lot about different varieties of both plants and flowers! 

What did you do prior to setting up Greener Corner?

I was actually in Real Estate. But I most looked forward to the times where I could help my wife. I'd get up early in the morning with her and help her at the wholesale markets to get flowers for her floristry work. It was here I realised that my passion wasn't in selling houses and I wondered if I could sell plants instead! 

What drew you to set up shop at South Melbourne Market?

I'm actually a local and have been visiting the Market for years - I know it like the back of my hand. So, when this opportunity came up, I jumped at it - it was a no brainer! 

What's your top three plants for households and why?

Monsteras - they're hearty and very on trend. Bonus points that they're incredibly easy to look after!

Zanziba Gem - this dark green, glossy plant is a type of succulent meaning it's drought tolerant. It's also very adaptive meaning it will be happy with most spots in your house regardless of light. 

Peace Lily - this plant grows beautiful white flowers meaning you get bang for your buck. They're known to purify air and have positive psychological affects including reducing stress!

Do you have any tips for keeping house plants healthy?

Choose a spot that gives your plants the best filtered light. This means undirect sunlight (don't have your plants facing west) and don't overwater them! 

What one plant would you recommend to a notorious plant-murderer?

A snake plant! They're incredibly easy to look after. They can withstand plenty of neglect and still thrive and are happy both indoors and outdoors. This doesn't mean you shouldn't look after it though - every plant deserves plenty of TLC!

You'll find Ben and his amazing range of plants on the corner of Centre Aisle and Aisle E! 

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