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Getting to know: Aron Katona

Published 28 February 2020
Founder and designer of his eponymous fashion label

Aron Katona has dressed celebrities including Jane Seymour, Brynne Edelsten, Venus Behbahani Clarke and Sarah Roza, but it's his regular customers and the creativity of his work that make his time at the Market special.

"The first of May 2020 will mark eight years since I joined the one and only South Melbourne Market," says Aron, who cites the fantastic array of shops, location and contemporary atmosphere as his inspiration for opening a stall.

Previously working as a school counsellor, Aron decided to pursue his love of fashion instead, and these days can often be seen taking customers' measurements, cutting out fabric, working on his sewing machine or finishing garments off by hand in his stall, despite having no formal training in sewing or fashion.

"I like to constantly make new clothes and keep up with current trends," says Aron, adding that he believes that his passion for creating unique pieces is another reason customers keep returning.

"I don't believe people are necessarily attracted to my designs on their own but they can just feel and tell that I put my heart into every single piece I make."

Personalised service is also important to Aron.

"Women of all shapes, sizes, colours and ages are my customers and they are looking for something different and personalised, whether they want to feel special at functions or are just wanting a simple piece to wear down by the beach."

While he says he takes inspiration for his designs from people, places or even colours, Aron's most recent collection is inspired by Coney Island. He will showcase the range in a catwalk show at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival on Monday 9 March and describes the VAMFF experience as "nothing less than a circus".

"The audience can expect a celebration of colour and a few surprises!"

Runway shows and dressing celebrities for glamorous events are certainly career highlights for Aron, but he loves the day-to-day life of the Market too.

"The Market is my forever home. I never want to leave because I feel loved and appreciated by the people who frequent it and it's definitely very ahead of its time."

Aron Katona will present his Artz runway show for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival on Monday 9 March.