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Getting to know: Adam Calvi

Published 1 June 2020
Adam Calvi of Vincent's Meats

If you've wandered down the Deli Aisle lately, you might have spotted a new sign and a new face at Vincent's Meats. Having started his business at the Market early in 2020, Adam Calvi is the latest addition to the South Melbourne Market family, but his experience in the meat industry goes back a quarter of a century.

"Before I started here I was a butcher for 25 years," says Adam.

"I'd been looking for my own shop for ages. I wanted a market shop and had been looking everywhere, but this was the best one hands down."

Unlike many stallholders, Adam was not a Market regular before opening the doors of his stall. "I'd never been here until I visited with my wife and decided I wanted this stall!" he explains.

Now that he has secured his business, Adam has more time to spend with his family. The father of three loves the outdoors and keeping active: "surfing, AFL and racing".

He is proud of his new Market base and his product range, which includes organic and free range meats, Asian cuts, lean female pork, pork belly and cuts with the bone in or boneless. The Asian cuts of pork offer particular value for money, he says.

"My favourite things to cook with the meat in my stall are Italian style pork belly roast and pork neck roast," says Adam. "Just add salt, pepper and garlic to let the quality of the meat speak for itself."