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Fruits on Coventry - Stepping towards a more sustainable future

Published 17 January 2024

Visit Alan at Fruits on Coventry

One of the recipients of the Market's 2023 Early Adopter Sustainability Grant, Fruits on Coventry, has taken a step towards a more sustainable future by integrating reusable net bags into their stall.

South Melbourne Market's Early Adopter Sustainability Grant Program is an action of the Market’s first Environmental Sustainability Strategy. The strategy has been developed in collaboration with the Market’s traders, cleaning and waste management contractors, the South Melbourne Market Committee and the City of Port Phillip Council, with the draft strategy having also been shared with our customers and community for feedback and input.

Fruits on Coventry's move eliminates the need for single-use plastic produce bags and encourages customers to opt for eco-friendly alternatives.

Customers can now pick up pre-weighed net bags of fruits or veggies, add them to their shopping basket, and take them to the cash register to pay for them. Here, the cashier will empty the net bag into the customer’s reusable shopping bag, and the customer can then pay for the market-fresh produce.

This initiative is a great example of how small changes can make a big difference in reducing plastic waste. By using reusable net bags, Fruits on Coventry are not only reducing their carbon footprint but also encouraging their customers to do the same.

As Anna from Fruits on Coventry says, “Although it may require a bit more effort in the short-term, the long-term impact of these small changes is what makes them so crucial. The feedback we’ve received from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.”

If you’re looking to make a similar change in your life, consider investing in reusable produce bags like the ones available to purchase at the Market office in Centre Aisle. These reusable mesh bags are made from recycled plastic bottles. They are long-lasting and the mesh allows produce to breathe, giving it a longer life span. They are also designed to last and can be reused hundreds of times, making them a great investment for the environment and your wallet.

Fruits on Coventry are located on Coventry Street and are open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am.

We'll be sharing the journeys of the other recipients of the grants, Luna & Soul, Tea Drop and Theo's Deli as they implement their initiatives on our website and via social media, so stay tuned!

The grant program will run again in the coming year thanks to support from the City of Port Phillip, and the Market encourages our customers to get behind our traders and share ideas and advice for initiatives and innovations that will help create a more sustainable future for both their businesses, the Market and our local community.

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