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Fresh Produce Fights the Winter Blues

Published 20 May 2019
Eating nutritious food during the colder months creates amazing health benefits

Melbourne’s chilly winter brings with it changes in fashion, hefty heating bills and all things footy.

It’s also a time when many of us stay indoors, become less active and consume comfort food like there’s no tomorrow. Hot chocolate (perhaps with extra marshmallows) can quickly become our new best friend.

However, taking every opportunity to eat nutritious food during the colder months creates amazing health benefits. Fueling your body with a diet rich in goodies like vitamins, minerals and nutrients can give you nourishment to maintain a strong immune system.

Eating healthy food is also a great way to tackle the dreaded ‘winter spread’.

Most health professionals agree the best path to keep fighting fit is moderation and balance. “Along with lots of sleep, exercise and hydration, ample intake of fresh produce can positively impact your health when you need it the most,” says Dr Elaine Sung, owner of local GP clinic Doctors of South Melbourne. “Eating the right foods can also help maintain a healthy weight and minimise some nasty health issues associated with obesity.

The Market offers an abundance of high quality, healthy produce and wholesome foods to get you through winter.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants and micronutrients your body needs for continued health. Fruits including oranges, pears and apples, and veggies such as mushrooms, spinach and pumpkin are all in season. Drop into the Market for the freshest of seasonal produce at any of our fruit and veg traders.

Eating plenty of protein-rich food can help fill you up when the cakes and hot chips are calling your name. There’s also evidence that Mum’s chicken soup may have a mild anti-inflammatory effect to tackle runny noses. The Market has plenty of options for all of your meat and poultry needs.

Seafood is a great winter staple for the whole family. Most seafood is rich in omega 3 – an essential nutrient that supports your overall health and wellbeing. Omega 3 is known to help with inflammation, skin health and sleep. South Melbourne Seafoods, The Fish Shoppe and Aptus Seafood have got you covered.

Quality dairy products, breads, nuts and legumes are an excellent substitute for less healthy foods heavy in saturated fats, salt and sugar. A visit to the Market’s delis and specialty grocers, such as NutShoppeTheo’s Deli and Rita's Coffee and Nuts is a must.

In saying this, we all deserve a little treat now and then. Nutella doughnut, anyone?

Rain, hail or shine, it’s business as usual over winter. The Market is open from 8am each Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Words by Adam Bament, Loop Copy

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