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    2019 Australian Food Award Winners

    Published 1 August 2019

    The 2019 Australian Food Award Winners were released yesterday, with Field Barns & Co and Atypic Chocolate scoring several medals for their respective categories - a wonderful achievement for their specialty product lines.

    Field Barns & Co were awarded medals for all three of their butters, all of which are churned fresh onsite and wrapped by hand, offering the freshest cream salted and unsalted butters. In the Chocolate category, Atypic took home several bronze medals in both the Bean to Bar category and Chocolate Blocks and Bars category:


    • Field Barns & Co Unsalted Butter


    • Field Barns & Co Salted Butter
    • Field Barns & Co Truffle Butter (pictured below)
    • Atypic Chocolate: 70% Solomon Islands Dark Chocolate
    • Atypic Chocolate: 45% Unrefined Milk Chocolate
    • Atypic Chocolate: 50% Lemon Myrtle Milk Chocolate
    • Atypic Chocolate: Cafe Latte Chocolate Block
    • Atypic Chocolate: Long Black Chocolate Block

    Conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), the Australian Food Awards (AFA) is Australia’s leading national premium food awards program, offering a nationally recognised seal of quality.

    The Australian Food Awards celebrates excellence and recognises the best Australian food producers across nine major categories, including dairy, frozen dessert, meat, value-add grain product, pantry goods, preserves, seafood, convenience food and produce. You can see the full list of winners HERE.

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