Knife Sharpening Service

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Pop-up knife sharpening at the Market!

Sharpening of knives, scissors, food blades and selected garden tools for business and home

Using advanced water cooled system to ensure the sharpest and best result for all equipment.

  • Knives to be dropped off by 10.30am to be sharpened on the day. 
  • Best to drop early and then go shopping while they are being sharpened.
  • All items to be wrapped in paper or tea towel with name and number when they are dropped off for sharpening.

Location: Coventry Street (top of Centre Aisle, under the arch)


  • Friday 2 July
  • Friday 6 August
  • Friday 3 September

Provided by Peter's Sharpening.


Mobile: 0412 360 960

Coventry Street
Fri 2 July - Fri 3 September
8:30am - 12:00pm
Visit website for price list:

First Friday of the month