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Induction Cooking Demonstration - Vege Scrap Fritters

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Are you considering an electric induction cooktop but not sure if it’s right for you?

At this cooking demonstration, the team from Open Table will teach you how to prepare delicious meals on an induction cooktop, the benefits of moving to an all-electric home and how to reduce food waste.

We'll be making fritters from leftovers for you to try, and will be demonstrating pickling, so bring a jar if you'd like to take some home.

Brett Hedger, City of Port Phillip’s resident expert on all things sustainability, will also be on hand to answer any questions you have afterwards on environmentally sustainable living.

Four reasons to choose an induction cooktop

  1. Healthier - induction cooktops are electric, so they don’t omit dangerous gas into your home. Gas cooking can introduce nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide into your home and is estimated to be responsible for 12% of the burden of childhood asthma in Australia.
  2. Cheaper – ditch the gas connection bill.
  3. More efficient – lower carbon footprint and renewable if you choose a green energy electricity supplier.
  4. Precise cooking – fast, exact, and reactive cooking.

Electric homes provide a cost-effective option

For a healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable home, switch over your heating and cooling, stove and hot water to electric. It doesn’t have to be all at once, take some time to prepare so you are ready for the switch, make a plan.

Open Table is a not-for-profit community organisation focused on preventing food insecurity and food waste.

This event is free but bookings are required.

Book here

This event is supported by the City of Port Phillip’s Sustainability and Climate Change team.

Food Hall Courtyard
Fri 24 November
11:30am - 1:00pm

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