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Founded by self-taught designer, Chandrika Tamang, clothing brand CDK promotes Bhutanese contemporary clothing and supports home-based weavers. With learning and experimenting, the brand’s focus is on sense of ease and a slower, thoughtful way of life.

Chandrika's collection includes zero-waste designs, hand stitched details and accessories, functional clothing and home textiles which have social and cultural impact.

Stall Number
SO:ME Space (12 June - 4 August)
SO:ME Space
The image shows a person holding two decorative pillows against a backdrop of a clothing rack. One pillow is cream with blue embroidery, the other is half black, half orange with stitched details. The individual is dressed in a beige jacket over a burgundy top, and an earring is visible. The setting suggests a retail store or cozy interior space.

A collection of handcrafted natural fibre clothing and accessories

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