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Orthodox Easter

Published 16 April 2022
Everything you need for a memorable Easter feast is right here at the Market!

This year Orthodox Easter falls on Sunday 24th April. Family and friends celebrate with a festive meal. Delicious foods such as Tsoureki and traditional sweet Greek biscuits are often served on the day and at a midnight church service traditional Lambada candles are lit.

Deli Aisle

To try some of the Greek dishes served at Easter head to our traders in the Deli Aisle.

There you'll find olives, cheeses, preserved vegetables, bite-size pastries, dips and bread for appetisers along with take-home meals such as moussaka from the Small Town Pie Shop.

Our delis also stock baklava and other traditional Greek sweets. Try Emerald Deli, or Flour Patisserie for a modern twist with ice-cream. Or maybe you could try making your own with our baklava recipe or this recipe for a home baked Tsoureki.

Tsoureki, Greek Easter bread is available from our Delis

Coloured Eggs

Buy free range eggs by the dozen in West Aisle from Babe's Farm Fresh Produce.

Dye sachets in red, green and blue can be bought from Rita's Coffee and Nuts; Steve's Deli and Vangeli's Deli to create colourful eggs at home and Lambada candles.

Better Homes and Gardens has detailed instructions on how to dye them with food coloring. 


Georgie’s Harvest has 20 different potato varieties in stock straight from Victorian farmers.

Salad ingredients, fresh vegetables to roast can be found at our Fruit & Veg traders.

Lambada candles are in stock at Steve's Deli and Vangeli's Deli.


Visit our butchers for succulent Easter lamb. You'll find a vast array of cuts from at our butchers; Hagen's Organic Meat SupplyKirkpatricks MeatsRalph's Meat Company and Tony's Meat Supply.


A traditional 40 day lent, during which meat and dairy products are substituted with plentiful amounts of fish and seafood is observed prior to Easter Sunday. Visit South Melbourne Seafoods, The Fish Shoppe and Aptus Seafood for fresh and locally sourced seafood.

Happy Orthodox Easter to our community of shoppers and traders!

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