SO:ME Space Pop-Up Applications

Got a great product? Apply for a Pop-Up!

SO:ME Space is a retail concept that brings together the best emerging designers in an innovative environment for the purpose of brand growth, experimentation and development without the restrictive outlays of traditional rent.

The mix of brands at different developmental stages provides an opportunity for emerging designers to promote and spread their name. In addition, the residency of more established brands provides a learning experience for all involved, allowing such brands to experiment with retail store concepts in a constructive and dynamic environment.

SO:ME Space Stall 137: Pop-Up

The Market is seeking expressions of interest for Stall 137 to operate as a six-month pop-up stall selling general merchandise. The stall is located in the centre aisle at the entrance to SO:ME Space.

This is an area within the Market targeting young customers that is dedicated to emerging designers and other creative small businesses as an incubator space. There is a focus on sustainability, with unique, handmade, artisan goods and localised elements being of preference. Applicants will be considered around this criteria.

Stall specifics

  • Internal space: 18.2m2
  • External space: 5.8m2
  • Licence period: six months
  • Rent incl GST: $24,219 PA as of 1 July 2019

Apply for an EOI

Details of how to apply are available in the EOI for stall 137 (DOCX 54 KB).

You will also need to supply a business plan. If you do not have one already, download the business plan template (DOCX 1.1 MB) and creating a business plan guide (DOCX 1.1 MB).


For enquiries, please contact Clarissa Madden on

The South Melbourne Market location is frequented by a range of creative consumers. The unique position and design of the retail space makes SO:ME Space a progressive project for every brand involved.

The concept profiles designers in an exciting retail concept which embraces design, sustainability and local fashion brands. SO:ME Space subtly tips the hat to South Melbourne (via the SO:ME title), and in doing so, makes the location central to the identity.

The space consists of larger and smaller brands across various product categories. Our four pop-up spaces are rotated regularly with the best emerging designers.

With over 5 million visitors through our doors each year, this is a great opportunity to experience the retail environment of the iconic, dynamic and much-loved South Melbourne Market.

Please read below before submitting an application