Off The Wall
Art Competition at South Melbourne Market

Media Release
15 July 2011

The Market is now seeking submissions from street artists for an 'Off the Wall' art competition. Successful applicants will be commissioned to paint one of the roller doors at South Melbourne Market that comprise much of Coventry Street and Cecil Street. The spaces are on a major thoroughfare to and from the light rail and are highly visiblein the local area. The theme draws on the very topical battle with the major supermarkets, specifically 'Melbourne's Markets vs the Major Supermarkets Duopoly'. The medium can be any combination of brush, aerosol or stencil painting, employing a paint that is weather and wash resistant, and there are generous cash prizes plus commissions.

Finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges that includes local art curators Claire Green (Greenwood Gallery) and Tracey McIrvine (Gasworks Park Art). The works will be produced during the South Melbourne Night Market in October-November, delivering a public face to the competition and providing entertainment for spectators.

For an 'Off the Wall' application form and details of how to apply click here. Applications close 31 August 2011.

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